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Content-Focused Coaching: Transforming Mathematics Lessons


Congratulations to Lucy West on her recently published book "Content-Focused Coaching" which stems from her work within her LSC in District 2, New York City. The book includes 3 CD-ROMS containing extensive video footage of coaching sessions and may be a useful resource to share with K-8 staff developers, teacher leaders, and administrators involved in mathematics education. "CFC [Content-Focused Coaching] is a long-range professional development practice in which coaches work individually or with groups of classroom teachers to design, implement, and reflect on rigorous, standards-based lessons that promote student learning."

The Forward, Preface, and Chapter 2: "Working with Teachers" sections of this book are posted in a PDF file on the Heinemann Web site where the book (with the accompanying 3 CD-ROMS) is available for purchase. To read this excerpt, use the link below and click the PDF link under the "Online Resources" heading.


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