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What Works in Elementary School: Results-Based Staff Development; What Works in Middle School: Results-Based Staff Development; and What Works in High School: Results-Based Staff Development


"The National Staff Development Council is committed to results-driven staff development, the kind of professional learning that is intended to increase student achievement. With the support of the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation and the National Education Association, NSDC has identified content-specific staff development initiatives in the core content areas of language arts (literacy, reading, writing, literature, language), mathematics, science, social studies, and interdisciplinary studies that have evidence of increasing student achievement.

The staff development programs included in What Works in the Elementary Grades: Results-based Staff Development, What Works in the Middle: Results-based Staff Development, and What Works in the High School: Results-based Staff Development meet the following criteria:

  • Evidence of increasing student achievement
  • Well-designed staff development program
  • Increase teachers' content knowledge and/or content-specific pedagogy
  • Are implemented in multiple sites"