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The Connected Teacher


This paper discusses the benefits and challenges of using on-line professional development.

"Most teachers turn to on-line training to learn about technology and how to integrate it into the curriculum, but more and more are going on-line to learn teaching strategies, earn graduate credit, or gain re-certification...on-line professional development has been particularly beneficial to those who are isolated geographically or by subject area, says Stephanie Hirsh, deputy executive director for the National Staff Development Council (NSDC), in Oxford, Ohio. 'High-quality on-line [training] with other teachers around the country offers incredible support and provides those who can't get to meetings a great opportunity'...'on-line learning has particular strengths and functions, but it doesn't lend itself to everything,' says Glenn Kleiman of Education Development Center. 'It works best in hybrid models -- along with local study groups or mentoring. It's not an answer to all professional development but should be used as another tool.'"