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Year 4 Report Key Building Blocks for Student Achievement in the 21st Century


The CEO Forum on Education and Technology was founded in 1996 by executives from several telecommunications, computer, and educational firms, in the wake of Pres. Clinton's National Information Infrastructure Advisory Council. Its mission is "to help ensure that every child in the United States is equipped with the essential technological, critical thinking, and communications skills necessary to compete in the 21st century...At its foundation is the integration of four issues that have been identified as critical to the process of teaching and learning: hardware, content, connectivity, and professional development."

This document is the fourth and final report of the Forum (the others can be found on their website). It focuses on "the important educational objectives that can be achieved through the effective use of education technology. It also highlights the changes in alignment, assessment, measurement, continuous improvement and research needed to ensure technology produces positive results in education."