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A Seat at the Table: Teachers Reclaiming Assessment Through Rethinking Accountability


Author Chris Gallagher takes a critical look at state-wide accountability systems, arguing that a more sensible approach to assessment and accountability is to give this power back to teachers. As stated in the PDK summary of the article:
"Distrust of teachers is carefully nurtured by the testing industry to keep the present educational power structure intact. Under that power structure, students are shaped to the specifications of experts whom they will never meet and who may never have set foot in a classroom. That situation has got to change, Mr. Gallagher warns."

NOTE: This resource is published on the Phi Delta Kappa International web site. The link above will take you to an abstract page. To view the full-text for this article, you will need to either sign-in to Phi Delta Kappa International with the appropriate membership or purchase this article.