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Science Through the Looking Glass: Winning the Battles But Losing the War?


This paper discusses the successes and pitfalls experienced by science education throughout the years. A brief introduction to this interesting article is excerpted below:

"American science must examine our own situation more closely and ask whether it is time to celebrate our successes or to feel concern about our future. Our nation's scientific achievements may not herald a future of continuing excellence; rather, a broader and deeper view of our current status may portend the impending demise of our research enterprise. Specifically, the excellence of U.S. graduate education and the exciting and productive growth of our scientific enterprise over the past decades are at risk of being compromised if the scientific community does not turn its attention to the desperate need to enhance public understanding of our efforts and to promote improved kindergarten-through-college (K-16) education of our youth, some of whom will be the next generation of scientists."