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Wyoming's Computer Science K-12 University Partnership


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The Robotics, Applied Mathematics, Physics, and Engineering Design (RAMPED) project is an NSF Wyoming Department of Education MSP grant currently set to begin its second year in summer 2018. It began in Summer 2016, and during that first year, 30 K-12 STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) teachers engaged in six sessions. There was a focus on computer science in each of the six sessions.

The teacher opportunities were explored over 16 days (10 during the summer and six during the academic year) through six sessions including Space Jupyter notebooks, NetLogo, Virtual reality, Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, and Baxter robot (ROS). The primary investigator, Dr. Burrows, discusses an overview of RAMPED and provides insight into the school district partnership as well as offers "in classroom use" examples for others to consider or test. Dr. Borowczak offers some specific computer science components. The audience can view the teachers themselves as some Wyoming teachers explain classroom projects inspired by RAMPED. They expand on both successes and failures of classroom use.

RAMPED is an evolving professional development model with teacher and school district input. During Summer 2018 lead teachers from Summer 2016 are involved in engaging the new STEM teachers as they experience different computer science experiences with Microbits. Summer of 2018 features cybersecurity and the internet of things as possible teacher topics and resources for computer science in the K-12 STEM classroom.