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Topic: "Is STEM oversold?"

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Topic started by: Sara Silver on 5/23/18

Here is a timely expose from EdWeek. In our chase to all things STEM, we ought to be cautious that there is more to it than meets the "public" eye. h-to.html

I'd be interested in your POVs.

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Thanks for raising this topic!

posted by: Brian Drayton on 5/24/2018 8:09 am

Sara, I will be very interested to hear what people think in response to the EdWeek story. I note that they speak mostly of job growth in areas that clearly do require STEM knowledge. Gerry Bracey (late & lamented) got me looking at the Bureau of Labor Stats projections, as a way to think about issues like this. One point he made over and over is that "fastest growing" doesn't necessarily mean "largest number" in absolute terms.
It also makes you think about what "science for all" or "STEM for all" should look like, maybe.
Here's a recent projection:

-- brian