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Empowering Young Women Through Climate Stewardship: A Lesson about Earth’s Changing Albedo


"A Climate Stewards Club, as part of the NOAA Climate Stewards Education Project (CSEP), was established as an after-school high school program to empower young women as community leaders who would be then, both willing and capable of addressing their peers and the public about issues related to global climate change. The student club identified the need to support climate literacy in the middle school by providing opportunities for learners to engage in hands-on activities that assisted in student understanding of how Earth's climate system works. The students and their mentor developed an engaging, hands-on lesson that allows students to learn about the feedback loop that describes the ice-albedo effect. The process of how a team of high school students developed the lesson and associated materials is described. The outcomes of this peer-facilitated lesson as well as the bene ts of the after school club focused on climate stewardship are discussed."