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School Features and Student Opportunities for Deeper Learning


"The Study of Deeper Learning: Opportunities and Outcomes aimed to determine whether Students attending high schools with a mature and at least moderately well-implemented approach to promoting deeper learning actually experienced different instructional strategies, greater deeper learning opportunities, and better outcomes than they would have had they not attended these schools. The main findings from this study indicated that students in deeper learning network schools did in fact experience different instructional strategies, greater opportunities to engage in deeper learning activities, and more positive results on a range of outcomes than their matched counterparts in comparison sites.

This report extends those main findings by investigating the potential facilitating role of certain school features in schools' ability to provide deeper learning opportunities for their students. Researchers examined teachers' survey responses related to their own beliefs about teaching, their assessment of their peers' professional culture, and their assessment of the success of the principal in providing instructional leadership and program coherence. They then asked whether these features help to explain variation in students' reports of their opportunities to engage in deeper learning in their core classes."