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Tracking Digital Integration: Researching and Documenting Progress from Interest-Driven Professional Development to Student Engagement within the edMSP STEM Literacy Community of Practice


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The video updates the progress of NH MSP, "STEM Literacy, Community of Practice". The continued digital integration projects focusing on light and heat transfer and required innovative evaluation design. This video includes the evaluation team's view and shares images of activities spanning from the classroom glare to measuring Albedo.

The progress of the MSP STEM project as a sustained Community of Practice relies on online access for teachers, recognizing the increasing expansion of sensors in industry and research. Their increasing availability expands individual action projects to community and comparison sites. STEM Literacy practice defines and unites diverse projects, requiring text, visual and data languages. enabling teachers to practice with emerging digital tools while increasing the relevancy of their projects.

Sharing similar sensors between contrasting locations increases interest in data output. These seasonal activities enter their third year. Diverse initial teacher classroom visualization tools engage classroom students, producing potential products that enable further collaboration between partners' programs. Transforming the classroom as practice and model expands student interest to explore beyond the practice application. The goal is to apply their skills to observe phenomenon, involve digital resources and in the process, provide digital evidence in multiple measurable forms.

Their designs increasingly build on local data feedback. Individuals form cohorts, identify resources and practice ELA activities, discussing media purposefully selected to encourage interaction. Topics addressed in Teacher PD transfer, transmitted by classroom practice with digital tools, providing both student evidence and initial curiosity that continue beyond their grade, classroom or geographic limits.