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nPower Girls: Instructional Strategies for Getting and Keeping Girls Engaged in STEM


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nPower Girls is a teacher professional learning program that partners STEM career-related learning with research-based strategies for supporting girls in an inclusive STEM classroom. The project was designed using the AAUW's "Why So Few? Women in STEM", "Solving the Equation" and the IES's "Recommendations for Supporting Girls in STEM" as a basis for program design. Our teachers meet throughout the year with STEM professionals to demystify what a STEM career looks like, hear about working in mostly male environments and learn about STEM-relevant skills that aren't always connected to our own perceptions of ability. Teachers then use their career-related visits to develop engaging, authentic project-based learning units that integrate the recommendations for supporting girls in the classroom. Teachers also conduct action research to determine if their shifts in instruction result in increased awareness, interest and engagement in STEM content in the classroom. In it's second year, nPower Girls is currently exploring the question "how can we use computer science to understand Earth systems interactions?" In this video, we share our strategies that work, logic model for teacher learning and hear from program participants on implementing their learning with their students.