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Engaged: Educators and the Policy Process


"In this white paper, we focus on the issue of engaging educators in the policy process. Through
the individual voices of ten outstanding educators, we provide real-life examples of ways in which these practitioners have successfully engaged in the policy process. In some examples, that engagement is at the local level; in others, it is at the state or national level; in others, it is through different policy mechanisms.

Each of these examples provides key take-aways for other educators and for policymakers, influencers, and shapers. Here are three primary points that we'd like everyone to digest:
1. Intended policy outcomes are more likely to be achieved and unintended consequences avoided when expert teachers are part of policy development and implementation planning.
2. Policy will more effectively address the diverse set of PK-12 student needs when expert teachers are part of the policy process.
3. Explicitly designed initiatives and structures can generate effective partnerships between policy makers and expert teachers."