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High Hopes and Harsh Realities: The Real Challenges to Building a Diverse Workforce


"This study released by the Brookings Institution and the National Council on Teacher Quality shows that achieving genuine racial parity between public school teachers, whose minority representation constitutes 18 percent of the workforce, and public school students, whose minority representation has increased to 50 percent, will be incredibly difficult, requiring an additional 300,000 African American teachers and over 600,000 Latino/a teachers.

High Hopes and Harsh Realities: The Real Challenges to Building a Diverse Workforce, focuses on the four main problems that contribute to the dearth of minority teachers: lower retention rates for minority teachers, lower hiring rates, fewer minorities interested in pursuing teaching, and lower college graduation rates. The co-authors of the report, researchers from the National Council on Teacher Quality and the Brookings Institution, use data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the National Center for Education Statistics, and other sources to build a unique teacher workforce model. This model answers the questions of how our teacher workforce would change if the nation increased the rates of minority adults who (1) completed college, (2) pursued education degrees and certification, (3) were hired into teaching positions, and (4) remained in teaching positions, so that the minority rates were equivalent to those of white adults."


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