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MSP Toolbox / Materials

Engagement Toolkit For Performance Task Writers, Reviewers, And Evaluators


Each of these tools can help item writers design performance tasks that are engaging to all students -- of diverse socioeconomic, cultural, and language backgrounds:

Dimensions of Engagement: Definitions and Ways to Incorporate
This tool defines seven engagement dimensions such as collaboration and self-assessment. It provides suggestions and examples for incorporating each dimension into assessment tasks. For each dimension, the tool provides questions to consider and appended performance tasks as examples. >> Download PDF

Task Development Guidelines with Engagement Considerations for Item Writers
This tool provides specific guidelines for incorporating Engagement Dimensions and the required Task Features into performance tasks to support students' ability to create meaning and cognitively invest in the task. Engaging tasks generally incorporate at lease three Engagement Dimensions and must include both Task Features: Clear Purpose and Clear Expectations. >> Download PDF

Review Tool with Engagement Considerations for Item Reviewers/Evaluators
The review tool allows reviewers and evaluators to review tasks to ensure that they are created with engagement in mind for all students. In addition to scoring Engagement Dimensions and Task Features, the tool provides guidelines for evaluation and prompts for suggested modifications. >> Download PDF