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Student Understanding of the Engineering Design Process Using Challenge Based Learning


"In this study conducted in a large metropolitan city, teachers introduced and implemented CBL in the curriculum. One research objective of the study was to teach middle and high school students the engineering design process (EDP) while solving a real world challenge using Challenge Based Learning (CBL). The EDP is the formulation of a plan to help an engineer build a product or formulate a process with a specified performance goal. Because there are performance characteristics as well as constraints, there will typically be a variety of potential solutions. EDP involves a number of steps, and parts of the process may need to be repeated many times before production of a final product can begin. Students were asked to draw their understanding of the EDP at the conclusion of the CBL curricular Unit. Specifically, we observed the nature of students' misconceptions and the effects CBL pedagogy has on conceptual understanding of the EDP."

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