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Three-Dimensional Instruction: Using a New Type of Teaching in the Science Classroom


"Developing a classroom culture that focuses on students using the three dimensions to make sense of phenomena or find solutions to problems will initially be challenging. Many teachers haven't been prepared for this type of teaching, and there are not many resources that can give us direction. However, persisting in this endeavor has its advantages. First, all students will develop deeper knowledge of the three dimensions, which will allow them to apply their knowledge to new and more challenging areas. Second, as all students engage in figuring out phenomena or solutions to problems, they will also develop problem-solving, critical-thinking, communication, and self-managment skills. Third, and perhaps most importantly, three-dimensional learning will help foster all students sense of curiosity and wonder in science. 'I wonder how ... ?' and 'How might ... ?' are extremely important questions that have largely disappeared from science classrooms. Three-dimensional learning brings the focus back to curiosity and wonderment, and it can support all students in developing a deeper and more useable knowledge of science."