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The Social Side of Education: How Social Aspects of Schools & School Systems Shape Teaching & Learning


"Watch videos and presentations from a recent conference that explored why it is important for education reformers to incorporate what we now know about the social aspects of teaching and learning into our schools.

For nearly two decades, the dominant model of education reform has had a single-minded focus on individual teacher performance and the technical aspects of schooling, with little to show in positive outcomes. Yet cutting-edge research discussed at the conference points to the significance of the "social side" of education in changing schools--the relationships and culture within the school, the partnerships between school and community, and the opportunities for teachers to work with and learn from each other.

The all-day conference opened with American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten speaking about the need for a major paradigm shift in education reform, moving from a preoccupation with individual performance to an emphasis on building collective educational capacity in our schools.

Among the featured speakers are Robert L. Hughes, incoming K-12 strategy director, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Linda Darling-Hammond, professor of education at Stanford University; Susan Moore Johnson, professor of education at Harvard University; and Joshua Starr, chief executive officer, PDK International."