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Webinar: Measuring Impacts of Partnerships


Streamed live on Feb 18, 2016

RPP Forums is a monthly webinar series created by the Research + Practice Collaboratory MSP to discuss challenges, successes, and strategies for doing collaborative work in education.

In this fifth forum, Bill Penuel moderates a panel of leaders of RPPs from around the country to address the following: What kinds of impacts can partnerships have? How do we know when and to what extent partnerships are having an impact?
Panelists include: Elaine Allensworth (University of Chicago); Phil Daro (Strategic Education Research Partnership); Erin Henrick (Vanderbilt University); and Jenn Russell (University of Pittsburgh).

For more information and a links to other webinars in the series:

Don't miss the upcoming webinar: Sustaining Partnerships
Live streaming on Mar 17, 2016 at 5pm Eastern Time


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