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Topic: "MSPnet Academy: Bootstrap: Programming Video Games with Algebra"

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MSPnet Academy Discussion
December 2nd - December 26th, 2015

Presenter: Emmanuel Schanzer, Bootstrap Program Director

Many people naively assume that "Programming is like Math", and expect magically higher grades from students who've taken a class in Java, Scratch or Python. Unfortunately, this assumption is far from accurate. In a world of high-stakes testing, we can no longer pretend the word "function" means the same thing to algebra teachers and programmers. If we truly wish to help students in algebra, we need to re-think the foundations of what programming we teach. In this talk, Emmanuel will explore the literature and current research in the field of algebra education and programming, while discussing the highly-popular Bootstrap program now in use in schools across the country. Bootstrap teaches students to program their own video games using purely algebraic and geometric concepts, and is closely aligned with the Common Core Standards for Mathematics. Find out how teachers, college students and professionals are getting involved with Bootstrap, to bring functional programming to middle and high school students around the country.

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posted by: Emmanuel Schanzer on 12/2/2015 4:04 pm

Thanks to the team at MSPnet for welcoming Bootstrap into the fold, and getting us started on the webinar today! I really enjoyed speaking with all of you.

This forum is a great place to answer any questions that came up during the webinar, so I'd like to welcome all of you to ask away!

NOTE: If you have questions about implementing Bootstrap, or are looking at the materials and want to know about the content or pedagogy, I recommend posting on our regular discussion forum

Emmanuel Schanzer
Bootstrap Program Director

University of North Alabama MSP

posted by: Cathy Jones on 12/3/2015 2:44 pm

A group of STEM faculty and researchers at UNA are providing professional learning to math teachers in Python ( Their goal is to teach mathematical reasoning via computer programming. The PI for this group is Cynthia Stenger (

Re: University of North Alabama MSP

posted by: Emmanuel Schanzer on 12/4/2015 7:38 am

Glad to hear others are getting involved, Cathy! Python is certainly an interesting choice of language. Can you share a link to the data and evaluation results on which this program is based?