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TEAMS User's Guide for Webinar Rubric


Math and Science Partnership (MSP) projects with a professional development component may rely on online presentations or webinars to deliver the training content. Often, evaluations of webinars focus on participant satisfaction as the primary indicator of webinar quality. Just as evaluations of curricular materials and in-person training make use of rubrics aligned with quality standards, TEAMS has developed a webinar evaluation rubric, aligned with best practices, which will enhance the quality and rigor of the evaluation of webinars. Ratings on the rubric will provide an additional source of information about webinar quality for evaluating MSP projects that rely on webinars as a major program activity. Additionally, the rubric may serve as a set of guidelines or planning checklist for MSP project staff during the preparation phase of webinar activities. This document includes the webinar rubric, a users guide, and a list of considerations and reflection questions for use by webinar organizers in preparation for and self-assessment of their webinars.


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