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Mathematics Professional Development Models for K-12 Mathematics Teachers in California


"This paper discusses three of the professional development programs that are currently implemented by the Central California Mathematics Project housed at California State University, Stanislaus. The first program supports the classroom teachers' needs by focusing on two types of activities: (i) supporting teachers with mathematics academic content knowledge and content specific pedagogical needs; and (ii) assisting teachers to meet licensing requirements in the State of California. The second program is an experimental and innovative professional development model that provides mathematics content knowledge and pedagogy that focus on the California Mathematics Content Standards for fifth and sixth grade teachers. The third -- M is for Math Literacy -- takes support and assistance to teachers when and where they need it. Several of the schools in the service area are located in rural settings, far away from the university location. Instead of requiring the teachers to commute to the campus for short frequent workshops and seminars on issues in classroom instruction and education, the presenter teacher leader(s) and/or the university faculty - commutes to the school site insuring optimal participation."