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Digital Learning 24/7: Understanding Technology - Enhanced Learning in the Lives of Today's Students


"For the past twelve years, Project Tomorrow's annual Speak Up Research Project has provided schools and districts nationwide and throughout the globe with new insights into how today's students want to leverage digital tools for learning based upon the authentic, unfiltered ideas of students themselves. Each year, education, policy, research, and business leaders leverage the Speak Up findings to understand the trends around students use of technology, and how schools and communities can better serve the learning needs of todays digital learners. Speak Up reports over the past few years have focused on connecting the digital dots for learning, mapping a personalized learning journey, and moving from chalkboards to tablets as part of a digital conversion effort.

With this years national report on the views of 431,231 K-12 students representing over 8,000 schools and 2,600 districts in the United States and around the world, we focus our attention on the lived experiences of students immersed in daily digital learning experiences. From the Speak Up database, we extract the views and ideas of students in four specific types of learning environments to comprehend how their experiences differ from students in more traditional classroom-based education."