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iEvolve with STEM: Education Re-imagined in Sandusky, Ohio!


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The iEvolve with STEM project is focused on engaging 3rd-8th grade students in real science research and empowering teachers to help students carry out that research. Through their involvement in Citizen Science Research projects that address real-world issues, students and teachers can make connections to many areas of learning, as well as make actual contributions to science. Bowling Green State University has partnered with two Ohio school districts, Perkins Local Schools and Sandusky City Schools, along with the Toledo Zoo, the Metroparks of the Toledo Area, the Erie Soil and Water Conservation District and the Ohio State University, to transform science education by helping teachers lay a strong foundation of inquiry learning, connecting teachers and students to authentic research projects and guiding teachers through action research. The hope is that student attitudes towards science, their motivation and engagement will increase as a result of their participation in the project.