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Topic: "What's the deal with missing data?"

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Topic started by: Erin Stack on 4/1/15

We recently presented the webinar entitled What's the deal with missing data? and would like to continue the conversation.

If you missed the webinar, a recording of it along with the presentation slides will be available here:

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Missing Data

posted by: Erin Stack on 4/1/2015 7:44 pm

What problems could missing data cause? Why shouldnt you just ignore the fact that you have missing data?

Missing Data

posted by: Erin Stack on 4/3/2015 12:30 pm

Have you had a particularly challenging missing data issue for a project? How did you approach the challenge?

Multiple Imputation

posted by: Philip Sadler on 4/4/2015 7:40 am

This has long been a problem in all kinds of research. For us, it usually comes up as missing demographic information. Rather than excluding the subject, we generally use multiple imputation to estimate the missing value using all other information available, resulting in the most probable value.

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