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Transforming K–12 Rural Education through Blended Learning: Teacher Perspectives


"A qualitative study exploring rural teacher perspectives on the impact of blended learning on students and teachers was conducted in Idaho during the Fall of 2013. Researchers from Northwest Nazarene Universitys Doceo Center in partnership with Idaho Digital Learning Academy (IDLA) and the International Association for K12 Online Learning (iNACOL) collaborated in interviewing, transcribing and analyzing responses from rural Idaho teachers on their perspectives of blended learning. Eight significant themes emerged from the analysis, with the most frequently reported theme related to an increased level of student engagement in blended learning classrooms. Other significant themes related to teacher perceptions of students' experiences in the blended learning classroom included a more personalized learning environment, the ability for students to be self-directed, the opportunity for students to create their own pace, and increased levels of student motivation."