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Bugs in the System: Computer Science Teacher Certification in the U.S.


"It has been said that we teach our young people what we value, but the importance of Computer Science in our daily lives hasn't translated to a respectable presence in classrooms. Nor is it represented in the confused, disparate and sometimes absurd teacher certification processes that those who want to teach Computer Science find themselves navigating. Computer Science teacher certification across the nation is typified by confounding processes and illogical procedures--bugs in the system that keep it from functioning as intended. Bugs in the System reports on an 18-month research project to determine the nature of Computer Science teacher certification in the U.S. and details the results for each state and the District of Columbia. As these state 'report cards' clearly show, each state has its own process, its own definition of Computer Science, and its own ideas about where it fits in a young person's educational program (if at all)."