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Planning And Carrying Out Investigations: An Entry To Learning And To Teacher Professional Development Around NGSS Science And Engineering Practices


"The shift from science inquiry to science practices as recommended in the US reports A Framework for K-12 Science Education: Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and Core Ideas and the Next Generation Science Standards has implications for classroom/school level instruction and assessment practices and, therefore, for teacher's professional development. We explore some of these implications and the nuances of adopting a practice orientation for science education through the lens of one NGSS practice 'Planning and Carrying Out Investigations' (PCOI). We argue that a focus on any one practice must necessarily consider embracing a 'suite of practices' approach to guide in the design of the curriculum, instruction, assessment, and evaluation. We introduce the 5D model as a curriculum and instruction framework (1) to examine how unpacking PCOI can help teachers bridge to other less-familiar-to-teachers NGSS practices and (2) to help capture the 'struggle' of doing science by problematizing and unpacking for students the 5D component elements of measurement and observation."