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Looking for Early Evidence of Implementation: Using the Lens of Propensity Score Matching


"Our session relates to the Evaluation, Research, and Implementation strand. MSPinNYC2 restructures high school STEM courses using peer-enabled restructured classrooms (PERC) to improve achievement. In year one 711 students enrolled in Integrated Algebra, Biology, and Chemistry courses across four public high schools in NYC. Trained Teaching Assistant Scholars (n=234), mostly high school sophomores, collaborate with teachers and tutor PERC students in class. Our session will demonstrate the utility of propensity score matching methods for developing early evidence of program impact and efficacyshowing how differences in prior achievement and academic experiences between TAS and non-TAS students contribute to variation in college readiness; and how prior achievement and instructional experiences between PERC and non-PERC students contribute to variation in achievement."