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Elementary Mathematics Leaders


"I never even considered what I was getting into. I love teaching mathematics, and I was good at it. However, my principal found a way to support a position for a math support/specialist teacher for our building and asked me to consider applying for the position. Well, I applied, got the job, and was so excited! And then—wow. Nobody could have prepared me for some of the 'stuff' that has now become routine regarding the leadership-related demands of my math support/specialist teacher job. Who knew? Who knew that it was seemingly impossible to get into some classrooms to offer my support? Who knew that teachers who used to socialize with me outside of our workplace would 'forget' to invite me to our school's happy hour? Who knew that I would have to literally customize coaching/mentoring strategies for each teacher with whom I worked? Who knew my job was as much about leadership and relationships as it was about mathematics teaching and learning?"