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Sharing Our Journey To Improve Mathematics and Science Education


"We could have done as we had done before: finish a project and immediately start working on the next. But this one was not like any other we have worked on before. This project was about learning with understanding and the most ambitious project we have ever embarked. Along with five core partners we worked intensely with 155 K-12 schools offering math and science (M&S) professional development (PD) to teachers from these and other nearby schools and creating 28 professional resource centers to enhance mathematics and science education. Everybody in this project learned about mathematics and science, about the process of learning mathematics and science, and about how to create effective environments to support this learning. On our seventh year of work we are delighted with what we have achieved together. Furthermore, we are joyful that we are able to share our experiences during this voyage with the intention of helping others that might want to undertake a similar journey and want to hear about the process, and not just about the end product that normally only presents the end result and what was successful."