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Park City Mathematics Institute and Districts Partner to Design Professional Development: Implementation and Evaluation


"This paper showcases the findings from National Science Foundation (NSF) supported Mathematics/Science Partnership (MSP) categorized as a "Prototype Institute". The Institute for Advanced Study (IAS)/ Park City Mathematics Institute (PCMI)'s Math-Science Partnership Project, PCMI and Districts Partner to Design Professional Development (PD3) completed its final year on the grant in 2009. The ultimate objective of this grant was transformation of mathematics teaching and learning in PD3 schools through a cohort of teacher leaders. IAS/PCMI has a 18-year history of providing a rich three week summer session with individual programs for high school teachers, college faculty, mathematics education researchers, undergraduate and graduate students, and research mathematicians and an emphasis on cross program interaction. PD3 focused on working with a critical mass of teachers within a school who attended the summer program, then returned to their schools and worked with a leadership team composed of school district personnel, university faculty in mathematics and education to bring about change in the teaching and learning of mathematics in that school."


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