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Inherent Measurement Challenges in the Next Generation Science Standards for Both Formative and Summative Assessment


"The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) are ambitious in their goals for and demands of teaching and assessment, to be sure. Existing science standards are generally believed to lead to curriculum and assessments that have failed in preparing high school graduates to appreciate science; engage in public discussion of scientific issues; carefully consume and relate scientific knowledge to their lives; and, most importantly, acquire the necessary skills (or desire) to enter and succeed in science, technology, and engineering careers (Carnegie Corporation of New York & Institute for Advanced Study, 2007; National Research Council [NRC], 2007; Schmidt, Houang, & Cogan, 2002). As compared to these earlier standards, NGSS deemphasizes discrete facts taught and assessed in de-contextualized experiences that stifle engagement and limit connections to students' real - world problems and activities. Further, the NGSS consider science education from a developmental perspective, one that sequences curricula over multiple years, rather than as separate standards for each grade that are often disjointed and incoherent in their broader goals."