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STEM Students as Facilitators of Interdisciplinary Science Inquiry Teaching and Learning


"In order to address the need for teacher professional development in interdisciplinary science inquiry, an Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Partnership (ISEP) has been developed that connects many middle schools, high schools, institutions of higher learning, businesses, and community institutions in a northeastern region of the United States. The partnership was designed to include university STEM students, both graduate and undergraduate, who play a role by working in the schools, working with teachers during their summer research, and by participating in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), all of which are intended to facilitate interdisciplinary science inquiry (ISI) teaching and learning in the schools. The focus of this study is to examine the interactions between the university STEM students assigned to the schools and the teachers involved in the ISEP project to learn how STEM students may play a role in building the ISI knowledge of K-12 teachers and in changing their teaching practices."