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Using Alternative Student Growth Measures For Evaluating Teacher Performance: What The Literature Says


"States are increasingly interested in including measures of student achievement growth, or "value added," in evaluating teachers. All five jurisdictions in the Mid-Atlantic region have secured federal Race to the Top funding, which requires that their teacher evaluation systems incorporate measures of growth in student performance. But the typical measure of student growth-progress on state assessments from one school year to the next-usually covers only reading and math and only in grades 4-8. Thus a growing number of states and school districts are exploring alternatives. This literature review of alternatives to state assessments for assessing teachers' contributions to student achievement growth examines two general approaches to the challenge. One approach applies statistical value-added methods to outcomes other than standard state assessments. The second approach requires teachers to develop student learning objectives at the beginning of the school year; these can be used in instructional planning as well as evaluation."