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Teachers' Perspectives on Evaluation Reform


"This report provides findings based on a study conducted in one northeastern, urban, and medium-sized school district, which we will call Studyville to maintain confidentiality. A leader in teacher-evaluation reform, Studyville implemented a new system in 2010--the Teacher Evaluation Program, or TEP, which evaluates teachers based on their students' growth on academic performance measures and more conventional observation-based data. This report presents the views of teachers on the district's evaluation reform and the extent to which it has affected their instructional practice. It is based on interviews conducted with 92 educators, including teachers and school leaders during the 2011-2012 school year, which was the evaluation program's second year of existence. This report focuses on how the experiences and views of teachers differed according to their evaluation rating--ratings which ranged from a low of 1 (needs improvement) to a high of 5 (exemplary)."