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More and Better Learning: Year One Report on ExpandED Schools


"In 2011, TASC launched a national demonstration of its ExpandED Schools initiative in 11 elementary and middle schools in New York City, Baltimore and New Orleans. TASC helps each school partner with a strong youth-serving community organization, such as a settlement house or community development corporation, to add three hours to the conventional six-and-a-half hour school day. Teachers and principals coalesce with their community partners into powerful teams that support students cognitively, physically and emotionally. Together they redesign schools to meet their shared goals for students and deliver on the promise of a great public education for every child.

This report presents findings from the first year of this demonstration project. We also share lessons learned by TASC and our partners as schools begin to break from the outdated, 19th-century school calendar.

The report is based in part on an evaluation of ExpandED Schools by Policy Studies Associates (PSA), TASC's external evaluator for the national demonstration. In addition to PSA's external evaluation, TASC engaged in a careful analysis of official student data. To establish this report's findings and lessons learned, we also relied on our own school visits, observations, conversations with and feedback from school-and-community partners and reports from schools to TASC."