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ACT National Curriculum Survey 2012: Policy Implications on Preparing for Higher Standards


"Every three to five years, the ACT National Curriculum Survey® asks educators about what they teach (or don't teach) in their courses and how important they feel various topics in their discipline are for students to know to be successful in these courses and in future coursework. The survey also asks educators for their opinions on educational topics of current interest, such as the college readiness of their students or the implementation of improved standards, such as ACT's College Readiness Standards or the Common Core State Standards.

Prior National Curriculum Survey efforts included educators from middle school through the postsecondary level; for the first time, the National Curriculum Survey 2012 also included elementary school teachers. ACT knows that early learning is important for later high school performance--not only do we have the assessment data to prove it, but we now also have survey data about its importance from the very people who teach it."