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Closing the Opportunity Gap for Students with Disabilities: Analyzing Alignment of Instruction and Standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics


The Kansas EAG State Consortium project has collected, reported and demonstrated use of data from the Surveys of Enacted Curriculum (SEC) online system for analyzing opportunity to learn for Students with Disabilities (SwD). The project has tested the use of SEC online tools and reports for analyzing special education instruction and alignment of instruction to state standards and assessments. The project was designed and implemented with leadership from a consortium comprised of leaders from three state departments of education, CCSSO, the Wisconsin Center for Education Research, and WestEd. A key goal of the project is to assist and support states in working to close the opportunity gap of students with disabilities. Through this summary report, the Consortium is providing description and evidence of how the project data and outcomes address key educator questions about opportunity to learn in special education and general education.