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Teaching Straight F's: The F's of Managing the CCSS Mathematical Practices


"As mathematics educators, one of our primary jobs is to insure that as many of our students as possible learn, grow, and find success in mathematics. In order for that to happen in today's Common Core classroom, we must create and cultivate a culture in which students feel safe to take risks, engage in healthy debate, and admit intellectual shortcomings. This is so they can acquire new knowledge, construct meaning of the ideas they are confronted with, and make connections to previous learning. We have discussed instructional strategies and classroom management techniques that can be used to make success much more likely through the development of actively engaged students who are trained to work collaboratively in a healthy and beneficial manner. Classroom management and student engagement may not be two of the most favored topics to discuss with educators, but we have shown here that they are surely among the most important. It is our belief that through improving our expertise in these areas, our students will certainly benefit greatly from it."