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Implementing the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics: What We Know about Teachers of Mathematics in 41 States


"The adoption of the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics (CCSSM) by nearly ever state represents an unprecedented opportunity to improve U.S. mathematics education and to strengthen the international competitiveness of the American labor force. The mere adoption of the Common Core, however, will amount to little if it is not implemented appropriately. Successful implementation will require coordinated efforts on the part of all education leaders: state education agencies, college/university faculty, school district administrators, curriculum specialists, and teachers. Teachers are particularly important as they operate in the critical arena where educational intentions are translated into learning opportunities and experiences for students. Teachers must digest what students are expected to learn as embodied in standards and in concert with the pedagogical material found in existing textbooks and craft appropriate learning experiences for their students. Indeed, the primary importance of other education leaders is in their support of the efforts of teachers in the classroom."