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2014 Abridged Technology And Engineering Literacy Framework For The 2014 National Assessment Of Educational Progress


"We live in a world that is, to a large extent, shaped by technology: The computers and smart phones we use, the cars and planes we travel in, the homes and offices we inhabit; our food, clothes, entertainment, and medical care--all are created and driven by technology. Technology is also at the root of critical challenges we face as a society, such as the quest to link experts throughout the world, the search for sustainable energy, the ability to deal with global pandemics, and the development of environmentally friendly agriculture to feed a growing world population.

Until now, however, technology has not been a focus of instruction and assessment in our educational system, particularly at the elementary and secondary levels. Because of the growing importance of technology and engineering in the educational landscape, and to support America's ability to contribute to and compete in a global economy, the National Assessment Governing Board initiated development of the first national assessment in Technology and Engineering Literacy. Relating to national efforts in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields, the NAEP Technology and Engineering Literacy assessment measures the "T" and "E" in STEM, augmenting longstanding NAEP assessments in science and mathematics."