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The Common Core State Standards in Mathematics


"With the great majority of states adopting CCSS, the U.S has entered an unprecedented time of opportunity, with long-standing arrangements in mathematics education now open to renegotiation. For over 20 years discourse in mathematics education has been dominated by the math wars, in which apparently divergent views of mathematics competed for dominance; it was difficult, for example, to advocate both that students acquire fluency with algorithms for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in elementary school, and that they engage in serious work with statistics in high school, without being viewed askance by both camps. But CCSS incorporates both stances, viewing the two as integral parts of a coherent progression in skill and understanding.What are the opportunities?

First, the opportunity for curriculum developers to produce more focused and coherent materials, without having to attend to diverse demands for topic placement made by different state standards; second, the opportunity for teacher preparation and professional development to become less generic and more focused on the mathematics taught at at a given grade level; and finally, the opportunity for teachers from across the country to share tools for implementation based on common standards."