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Videos from The Critical Issues in Mathematics Education Workshop


Selected Videos:
•  "What are mathematical practices?," (80 minutes) speakers include: Deborah Ball, William McCallum, and Deborah Schifter.
•   "Examples from classrooms. Implications of the Common Core," (180 minutes) speakers include: Deborah Ball, Elham Kazemi, Judith Jacobs, and Rheta Rubenstein.

"The wide adoption of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM) offers a helpful curricular coherence to the environment of teacher education. And so the CCSSM present both an opportunity and a challenge to teacher education. An opportunity because of the greater focus made possible. A challenge because not only of the ambitious level of the CCSSM, but also of the prominent role in them of Mathematical Practices. While most mathematicians will find these congenial, much needs to be done to make them meaningfully understood by teachers and teacher educators, and, still more, how to enact them as an organic aspect of instruction. The CIME workshop aims to gather and stimulate ideas for how to meet this opportunity and challenge."

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