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Core Ideas of Engineering and Technology


"This article addresses Chapter 8 of the Framework, which presents core ideas in technology and engineering at the same level as core ideas in the traditional science fields, such as Newton’s laws of motion and the theory of biological evolution. Although prior standards documents included references to engineering and technology, they tended to be separate from the “core content” of science, so they were often overlooked.

Giving equal status to engineering and technology raises a number of important issues for curriculum developers and teachers, a few of which I will discuss in this article:
  • How does the Framework define science, engineering, and technology?
  • What are the core ideas in Chapter 8?
  • Why is there increased emphasis on engineering and technology?
  • Is it redundant to have engineering practices and core ideas?
  • Do we need to have special courses to teach these core ideas?
  • Will teachers need special training?
  • What will it look like in the classroom?"