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CCSSM: Keeping Teaching and Learning Strong


"CCSSM does not tell us how to teach. It offers a framework that must be interpreted and implemented using all the knowledge about children's varying learning needs and strengths that we, as educators, bring to our work. One way to do this is to take seriously the backbone of CCSSM - the Standards for Mathematical Practice - and to weave them into the content at each grade level, with deliberation and focus, by developing constellations of Content and Practice Standards. This approach has the potential to put mathematical thinking at the heart of the math lesson and to build, for all students, a solid, lasting mathematical foundation. Teaching in the era of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics requires skepticism and courage - skepticism that any set of standards provides an adequate description of instruction or "solves" the complex issues of mathematics teaching and learning, and courage to take the time to adequately develop foundational ideas of both mathematical content and practices to support entrance into mathematics as a discipline for all students."