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Discussion Paper: The Common Core State Standards and Teacher Preparation: The Role of Higher Education


"This document sets forth an ambitious vision for the role of higher education and its collaborations with other stakeholders in working to support the effective implementation of the CCSS. It is time for us to act with equal parts vigor and prudence. While there is urgency in getting to work on the agenda put forth in this document, it is also crucial that efforts be undertaken with a sense of the long-term shared commitment among all stakeholders that will be needed to achieve these goals. Efforts aimed at providing "quick fixes"-lacking due deliberation and collaboration and failing to recognize the challenges inherent in making change-risk not only failing to achieve their desired outcomes but also undermining continued commitment to the CCSS. Higher education institutions should help to provide the leadership necessary to ensure the proper balance between immediate action and long-term collaboration needed to ensure that the CCSS become a vital force for change in the lives of our nation's children."

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