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The Vermont Mathematics Partnership: Mathematicians and educators working together to help all children succeed in mathematics


The Vermont Mathematics Partnership was established in 2002 as an extension of the University of Vermonts Vermont Mathematics Initiative. The goals are to improve mathematics instruction and enhance performance of K-12 students, strengthen the systems that prepare and support educators, and contribute to research and resources available to educators nationwide.

Assumptions: Effective Teaching
1 - Teacher competence is the most influential factor in determining student achievement.
2 - Student interaction with content in the classroom directly impacts student performance in mathematics.
3 - Students learn more effectively in an environment in which data driven decision-making is valued and nurtured.

Theory of Action
Mathematics teachers make more effective instructional decisions that result in improved student learning when they are 1) knowledge about mathematics, 2) access research on how children learn mathematics, 3) develop a vision for equity, excellence and sustainability, and 4) continually work with highly qualified colleagues and leaders to implement a standards-based curriculum and an assessment system aligned with that curriculum.

Our Learning
In our initial five years of work with partner sites and two subsequent years of data collection we found that the school level factors that most influenced teaching and learning at VMP sites include:
Shared Leadership
Administrative Involvement
Learning Community focused on mathematics content and education research
Collaboration Related to Student Results
Student Intervention Strategies