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MSP Knowledge Management and Dissemination Project


The Math and Science Partnership Knowledge Management and Dissemination (MSP-KMD) project was funded as a Research, Evaluation, and Technical Assistance project to support knowledge management within the MSP program and to disseminate information to the broader mathematics and science education community. The overall goal of MSP-KMD is to synthesize findings in the K12 arena in a small number of important areas, articulating the contribution of the MSP program to the knowledge base and identifying gaps and promising practices/strategies for further investigation. The MSP-KMD process involved the collection and synthesis of both research-based findings and practice-based insights. MSP-KMD focused its knowledge acquisition and knowledge sharing efforts in three primary areas: deepening teacher content knowledge, teachers as intellectual leaders, and STEM faculty involvement in the K-12 arena ( In the last year, MSP-KMD examined STEM PLCs as an approach for improving mathematics/science teaching and learning. Similar to the knowledge base regarding deepening teacher mathematics/science content knowledge and developing and utilizing teacher leaders, the research literature on STEM PLCs does not provide much guidance about how to design these interventions. There is value and need for practice-based knowledge to help address questions of importance in the education field, including how to design a PLC in a given context in order to have a positive impact on classroom practice and student outcomes.