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Localizing Teacher Leadership Expertise in Appalachia


The Appalachian Mathematics and Science Partnership (AMSP) was awarded supplemental funding to support the AMSP Master Teacher Project, a three-year program of mentored professional and leadership development for 6-12 mathematics and science teachers.

The Master Teacher project, as a supplement to the larger Appalachian MSP project, could not address the complete spectrum of components encompassing the vision of effective STEM instruction. Instead, it focused on key elements that provided leverage points, both within the AMSP and in the larger context of state STEM education reform initiativesclassroom formative and summative assessment; instructional unit design; standards-based grading; instructional design and implementation to address diverse learning needs; and building a positive classroom culture for learning.

This project was designed to develop Master Teachers in mathematics and science who could demonstrate effective teaching in their own classrooms, as well as serve as leaders in the rural region served by the AMSP.